• True leadership in influence through education inwardly. Finally, education is the contents of leadership through: mentoring, empowerment, coaching, training and equipping. Lydor Brunice.
  • Greatest focus of all human being are economy that sustains the society, in fact economy is bigger than a government, and the society is the motor and the wheel and the engine of the economy. Lydor Brunice.
  • Government is the servant of the society, it exist to manage natural resources for effective and efficient distribution and exchange of values in a daily basis. Lydor Brunice
  • Sport is the most passionate, vibrate, and emotional system that connect the world fair play together in other to join people together without forcing them to do so. In fact, sport is the manifestation of the law of attraction.Lydor Brunice
  • Health is life, riches, longevity, force, power and movement to travel, to exercise your gift in the area of expertise where you were created to manifest it. In fact, health precedes work.Lydor Brunice
  • Life is design to manifest your gift, your talent, and expertise in a such way your voice, your moves, your dance, your style, and your skills, and knowledge, your insights and competences that attract others towards your gift in a daily basis.Lydor Brunice
  • Politics are ideas and philosophy of people or a group of people embraces, since diplomacy is the art and the process by which these ideas and philosophies will be used and translated into reality for the benefit and growth of the entire society. Lydor Brunice
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